Paint Chips

It’s 10:52 PM

And all I can think about are paint chips…

Designing a New Life


Maybe because paint chips are the least stressful thing I can think of right now. I’ve been off work (Job #2) for a couple of hours, I have the day off tomorrow, and I am currently lying underneath a ridiculously fuzzy blanket.

So why am I so anxious?

Well, I just told my mother that not only am I moving out in about two and a half weeks, but I could possibly be taking a summer job in Yellow Stone National Park.  Yikes! I know she’s ready for me to be an adult, but it is all happening so fast that I barely felt the transition. I wasn’t prepared for the concerned expression her face took on immediately following my announcement. So much is going on in both of our lives that part of me wishes it could just stop so I could take more time to just enjoy full days with my mother. Unfortunately though, life is happening right now. So much life is happening. Maybe it’s just the Gemini in me, but I keenly feel the need to keep up—if not speed up faster than time itself. Which is so unusual, because I’ve been so sedentary for the past couple of years. Perhaps that’s why this is causing such surprise in my family and close friends.  I have decided to take some initiative.

New roomSo, all of this being said, the only reason my mind is even remotely stuck on paint chips, is because I am planning to paint an accent wall in my new bedroom. Maybe an icy, muted violet? A greyish blue? It is so cute really, a room architecturally straight out of Pinterest. Hardwood floors accompanied by interesting slanted ceilings, and a small nook window for me to turn in to a book area. I am so excited. Anna and I still have all the same plans mentioned in my last post, such as a chalk board wall in our sun room. We’re going to beautify and bring new life to that old beach house, which will certainly be the subject of many of my future posts.

So, wrapping things up here, I do want to mention that I am still a part of the O Deer Team, I am just currently busy almost every 5 minutes of my life, whether it’s working, cleaning, running errands or trying to have a social life. After I am all settled into my new home and adjust to being ‘grown’ a little more, my posts will be more constant. I promise! As for this little blog post, I do apologize for the lack of substance. I am mostly rambling but I just wanted to remind everyone (Including my grandma) that I am indeed alive and  still going. I suppose this is just the ‘life’ side of O Deer, that will eventually Meet the Art, as our slogan suggests. So I do apologize for my momentary hiatus, loyal O Deer fans. But especially to my family do I also apologize—I promise that the near-future outcome will be worth the wait.

It is now 11:47 PM, and I’m still thinking about paint chips…

“Life is like riding a wave, to keep your balance, you must keep going.” -Eric Carlson