Shifting Gear in Fall

Finding My Inner Rustic, Pumpkin Spiced, Apple Crusted, Gilded Self…

Fireplace mantle decorated for autumn
Fireplace mantle decorated for autumn

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy, not only all of the decor and devices that symbolize our headlong rush into Fall and then into the Holiday Season, but also observing the prevailing trends, styles and other pop-culture markers that indicate the direction of the collective consciousness. Though in the past I never thought of it as such, I have been a Trend Spotter for most of my life. I have not embraced many of these Trends or Styles, but still managed to flow along with a great number of them. I have always had a talent of sorts, for determining what direction these trends were taking. That said, it has served me little purpose in life since I have seldom had either the resources or reasons to use this knowledge. There are a bunch of other Super Powers I would have preferred.

Points made so far— I like Fall, I find the presently accepted accouterments of said season lovely and fun, and I wish I had Super Powers…Autumn Table

I have done a bit of decorating. The not terribly tidy house has been endowed with some Autumnal Flourishes. I found a potentially interesting wooden basket at the thrift store recently, so my crafty self slapped a coat of spanish moss chalk paint on it and filled it with pretty gourds and leaf and pumpkin picks. All I really added to the mantle was some fall foliage and a Pumpkins For Sale sign I have had and loved for years now. The turkey feathers in the faux mercury glass vases and bottles are ones we gather throughout the year in the yard and pasture. There is also a pretty prim pitcher filled with Autumn hued flowers and foliage in the kitchen on top of the pie-safe. And so far, that is about it.

I need to get myself motivated soon though, because aside from Autumn, I host the much more important and anticipated All-Hallows Eve Barn Bash. This will be our third year, and it has been discussed among various members of the family for several months already. I began thinking about it pretty much as soon as I had taken down the decorations from last year’s festivities. Having this party means that once a year the barn gets cleaned—that’s a good thing—and I have to make a damp, dark building into a spooky wonderland. 


Time Warp Halloween InvitationOne of my favorite things is designing a party invitation. The first year I used a quote from the Rocky Horror Picture Show for my invitation, but the theme was mainly spooky barn…

Last year, inspired by the seemingly universal popularity of Princesses, both among little girls and women, I invited all of the girls attending to dress as their favorite Princesses. Several of the guys followed the theme also, and were Princely (or from the Duck Dynasty, Avengers or a scary Motorcycle gang).


Halloween party invite

A super fun theme and event, however the fickle Florida weather and an extremely early (for here) cold front made for some chilly, goose-bumped Princesses. Even with several space heaters and the bonfire it was difficult to wear the strapless gowns and frippery without shivering.

Weather has too-often proved anathema to me where party planning is concerned. If I decide on alfresco dining or outdoor activities it usually rains. I have learned to be fluid. Sunshine in the Sunshine State is something that happens on days I am not having a social gathering. Ay any rate, we will see what this year brings.

Dr. Strangelove invite


I decided earlier this year, when I found out that people were already wondering, on a very broad theme. I have been a movie buff my entire life— and was always a fan of the classics, from Sci-Fi to Spaghetti Western, from tough Southern Bells to Triffids and Blobs, I have loved them all. So, with that in mind, and already knowing that at least one member of the family really wants to do a character from the original Zombie flick, The Night of the Living Dead, I have chosen Classic Cinema. Now, we see how I pull this off in a drafty barn. I have some ideas. Time to start cleaning.

Early Autumn sunrise. Lovely colors and awesome light.

I am going to close this post today with one of my Sunrise photos. I think that this is the first time I have included one on this blog. On my old Blog—which I have now taken down— they were a fairly regular feature. There is a clear and beautiful view to the East from this house, and some mornings the beauty is just too much to resist.

As the Fall Season I was so unprepared for speeds along, I am trying to jump on-board. There has been too much of too much in life lately, but I am aware that my own attitude determines how it unfolds. I am hoping to find within and for myself as this year winds down some humor,  a lot of acceptance, and a little grace (and Gracie) …