Sister, sister!

Polaroid Blonde

Photo Shoot With My O-So-Cute Siblings

In the introduction my grandmother wrote about me a while back on this website, she called me ‘O-Deer’s Style Maven.’ If we’re being honest, I should be O-deer’s ‘So-far-not-super-active-member-because-I’m-a-frazzled-young-adult.’ That’s not so catchy, though. Anywho— on my quest of finding another model besides myself, (Since I’m beginning to look like a pretentious self-portrait photographer) I have recently begged asked my two younger sisters for their faces as my next subjects. Luckily, I have a one sister who needed some maternity shots done, and another sister who is not exactly camera-shy. They’re both gorgeous individuals, and not to mention family I can use at my disposal 😉  However, in the future I hope to work with more local photographers/models for variety and self-education. I’m using my instagram (@spacecatontherun) for networking and it’s working pretty decent at the moment. Anyway, without further adieu, Alyssa and Natalee

 (Imagine you just heard “Dun dun dun dunnnn!” and their names magically turned into marquee letters.)