Sorry For the Wait…

Hey guys— Kaylah here!

An Update from the O Deer Photographer

You will have to excuse my previous hiatus. Inspiration comes when it wants, and it’s not always so easy when you are a young adult bustling about, trying to map your life together. With my 20th birthday coming up VERY soon, I am feeling the need to get it together— with school, driving, leaving the nest and such.

Hey, distractions happen. I have, however, been picking up my camera as much as possible during this time, and would like to share! Recently, my subjects have been mostly my (ex!) boyfriend and myself. I do plan on shooting more friends, and working with other local photographers as a model very soon here. Anyway you guys, here are some images I’ve been working with and I’ll be posting a lot more soon. Thanks for looking!

An Update from the O Deer Photographer: "Zack posing" photo by Kaylah Eaton An Update from the O Deer Photographer: "Zack~ The smile"

Kaylah's Photography- Smiling Zack An Update from the O Deer Photographer: Kaylah on the Wall