Stopping By to Say Hello!

Hello Again— O Deer Friends

Kaylah's Stopping by O Deer!

It’s been some time since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and collect my thoughts. (In fact my boss asked me to come in today, to which I had to say no for the sake of my sanity.) I have wanted to catch you up on what’s been going on in life and say hello again… But aside from life blurring into a rush of non-stop work, and moving for the second time this year, I have been without wifi for the past month.  My laptop has sat and collected dust, more or less useless. But Hooray— there is finally connection in my new home and I am able to write again!

So now I’ll just provide a quick update on life since the last time I wrote— I turned 21 this past June, having a very successful Gemini season complete with a sometimes overwhelming social life. Things have slowed down somewhat since then. My former roommate and I decided to part ways. However, we are still friends and check in with one another often.  It was just for the best.

My cat son, Ollie, is in a new home under the care of one of my lovely Hamburger Mary’s co-workers, as I was having a difficult time supporting both kitties on my own. He is happy and fluffier than ever, with a new animal family of 3 other cat siblings, two dogs and a bird. I am able to visit him whenever I please, and even have him back if I choose to. Also, boyfriend Zack (From my photos on past posts!) and I have also parted ways, but all is well. Our souls were leading each of us in different directions in life, and it was the right choice for the both of us. I am with someone new, but won’t go into much detail just now.

Oh yeah— I have had a couple of hair changes between then and now (Including a lob, and neon green hair color) but currently I’m sitting at shoulder length locks of brown and blonde (Split in half) with subtle side swept bangs.

Now that you have been updated on my recent whereabouts, (Did I spell that right?) I must confess I still haven’t had much time for my photography. It makes me sad, as it brings me so much solace, but I have to do what I have to do to make a living wage. I have had a few moments where time stood still however, and I was able to capture them. The photos below have been taken over the course of the past couple of months. My mind stays inspired most days however, just waiting for my plans to be put into action. Hopefully they will soon, but if not, just look forward to my next update in a couple of months. 😉


Hope to chat with you again soon…