Thankful For…

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 Counting Our Blessings in 2016


Thankful For... Gaia Pumpkin art in autunm vignette

As we look forward to a traditional (for us) family Thanksgiving this Thursday, and the upcoming Holiday Season, I will allow myself to slow down for a few moments to reflect, to take stock of all we are blessed with as the end of this tumultuous year nears. I have much to be thankful for despite some of the circumstances life has tossed this way the past year.

It has been a roller coaster ride, emotionally, physically and psychologically. We are still feeling aftereffects from the experience of a death and the subsequent grief when my father passed away just before Christmas last year. Members of our family have been through illness, divorce and various other travails and adventure. For me, the difficulty of moving reluctantly from a home my parents built 40 plus years ago to a new house— only to find ourselves in the path of one of the most devastating hurricanes to threaten Florida in many years. Fully a month and a half later, we are still dealing with the clean-up and repairs from Hurricane Matthew.

This rambling brick house has come a long way. Most things are unpacked (with the notable exception of my workroom which I will cover in a post very soon) and I am satisfied that the decorating and furnishing is at least coming along. For me, at least, this house still stubbornly resists becoming Home. I am still grieving, I think. Not in any obvious fashion, but in allowing myself to still be attached to the home I moved from, and all the family ties and memories it represented.

I will get past this though, build new memories and associations, and whether or not I come to love this house, it will become Home and I think I shall be able to like it very well.


  • So, I am Thankful for a warm and welcoming home, and for the three beloved people who share it with me.


  • I am Thankful for my four bright and beautiful adult children, my four amazing granddaughters, and great-grand Gracie who just had her first birthday last month. And I would be remiss if I did not mention one tall, handsome and kind Son-in-Law— and my oldest daughter’s Fiance who is considerate, kind and so quick to laugh.


  • I am very Thankful for my Mom— always and still there for me, no matter what messes I have gotten myself into. She is a bright and warming Light in my life. I only hope I can continue to deserve her love and faith in me.


  • I am thankful for my Life Partner, for the Significant Other in this adventure we have long shared. We are both quirky and a bit out of the mainstream. We put up with each other’s eccentricities with grace and good humor most times, and that is saying a lot.


  • I am Thankful for all the rest of my Extended Family, from Sisters to Step-Mom, to all the lovely Nieces and Nephews (both those who are the children of my sisters, and those who entered the family as wives), and to those special Women I have known over the years who were like Sisters to me.


  • I am Thankful for so many friends, those I am in touch with frequently, and those I’m not. True friends always dwell in the chambers of our hearts.


  • I am Thankful for having plenty, and for being able to share with others.


  • I Am Thankful!


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Happy Thanksgiving from our Home to Yours…


Thankful For: Chalkboard Pumpkin in Autumn vignette

  2 Replies to “Thankful For…”

  1. Louise
    November 24, 2016 at 4:33 am

    We’ve lived in our house for nearly 27 years, so I can imagine what an upheaval it must have been for you to move from your old home. We look at houses we might move to when (😂) we win the lottery but as it’s imagination we don’t have the trauma of moving! You’ve certainly had lots of changes this year, but it sounds like you’re coming out the other side and well on your way to being settled.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours💜

    • Gwen
      November 25, 2016 at 8:59 am

      Thanks for stopping by Louise! I know what you mean about looking and imagination! I love to look at houses, but the actual moving is another thing entirely. We had a lovely (USA) Thanksgiving yesterday with all my children and lots of family. We were fortunate- the weather was perfect and much of the afternoon was spent in the screened Florida room. I think I am finally beginning to feel somewhat settled here. As I told one of my older daughters yesterday, I hope not to move again till they wheel me to an old folks home 🙂 Have a great weekend!
      All the best, Gwen

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