The Fourth of July

Have a Happy Independence Day!


Flag ornament on front of pie safe.

The Fourth falls on a Saturday this year, so its prime time for the elusive and highly coveted Holiday Weekend! We are not big ones for holiday plans and such, but my daughter who lives in Daytona on the beach-side is having a cookout.

I am bringing a Seven Layer Salad packed with summer vegetables, including a bunch of the cherry tomatoes that have been so very plentiful in our garden this summer. I have four of my much beloved heirloom tomato plants in the garden, and while I have picked more than last summer when my entire tomato crop was devastated by army worms, but I am still losing lots of these fruits to various pests and problems. Sweet 100 Cherry TmatoesI think more research is called for on growing heirlooms in Central Florida. I also have a pot of patio type tomatoes out by the well. The Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes however, bought as tiny plants in a four pack on a whim, have went crazy. I pick them nearly every day— we snack on them, I give them to family and friends, and still they come. What a treat!

I am also bringing a traditional southern dessert along. Banana pudding, the authentic kind with home cooked pudding and whipping cream instead of cool-whip. My Grandma and Mom made this when I was growing up, and it is still a family favorite. Aside from grilled goodies, my Daughter has promised Cowboy Beans and a Cheesecake topped with blueberries and strawberries. I am so looking forward to it.

Since my Daughter’s adorable Mid-Century split level ( I will try to get Kaylah to do a photo lay-out of this sweet house sometime!) is only a few blocks from the beach, we will finish off the evening with a stroll down to the water to watch the fireworks displays that are set off in both directions.

It will make for a lovely day, and a wonderful Celebration of our Nation’s Birthday! I am wishing all of you the same. Have a Happy and  Safe Fourth of July!