Upcycling a Sewing Table

An (Old) New Addition to the Craft Room

Upcycling a Sewing Table: A Nex Addition to the Craft Room

So, a year ago or so my Grandma gave me a vintage Kenmore sewing machine, and it’s pretty dang sweet.  It’s really served me well for the past year!  The only problem I’ve had with it really was the fact that its size made it pretty awkward to store when I wasn’t using it.  I just had to shove it out of the way when I needed to work on something else, and even then it took up a lot of my desk-top real estate.

But one day… I went to a thrift store and struck gold.  I found a sewing table, and it only cost me…. Uh…. Okay, I forget how much I spent, but it wasn’t much, alright?  Take my word for it.  Anyways, Mom and I figured that it would need a bit of work, because the stuff (veneer) on the outside of it was peeling off, and the hole where the sewing machine would go wasn’t the right size for my Kenmore.  So we decided to spiff it up a bit with some paint and add a piece of wood to go into the opening.

We got some chalk paint (We used Americana Decor® Chalky Finish™ Paint) and wax for painting the table.  I picked out two shades of blue— one to serve as an undertone to the other.  As for the wood piece needed to fill in the hole, Dad [icon icon=icon-heart size=14px color=#FF0000 ] helped us out with that.  He also removed the hinges and sanded the table for us to make painting it easier.  Thanks, Dad!  😀


We brought the sewing table out to the barn and set it on top of a tarp to paint it.  Given that I tend to be somewhat… accident prone, this was a good idea.  After cleaning and wiping the dust off the table, we painted on the first two coats.  It was kind of tempting to keep the table that shade of darker blue, actually!  But I figured a lighter color would go with my room better, so we sanded it lightly and went ahead with the light blue coats.

We then waxed the table and buffed it.  Mom sanded the edges just enough for a little bit of the dark blue to show up.  I then waxed the areas where it was sanded, just a bit.  After the wax cured, Dad put the hinges back on.

Finished Sewing Table

And here we are!  The newest addition to my craft room.  😀  I think it looks just dandy sitting here by the window.

I’d say that it took about two months or so to finish.  (We started on it in the winter, and even in the mild Florida climate left the paint more time to cure than we might have otherwise.) Of course, most of that time was just waiting for the paint to dry… and maybe a little bit of, “ah, I need to get around to putting the next coat on at some point…”  You know how it is, right?

Anyways, that’s all for now!  See you later!