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Vintage Nirvana- In love with vintage and antuques

We have been busy, busy at O Deer Mercantile lately! It just seems like I never have time to catch my breath any more. I have been busily photographing lots of the vintage items that seem to be currently occupying every flat surface in my workroom/office. We have listed more than two dozen new items on the shop this past couple of weeks, with more to come soon. In the photos, above and below, you can get a hint of some of the gorgeous goodies we’ve rounded up for our beloved Etsy Shop.


Vintage Shop Collage


Two Years in Business

May is a milestone for Gaia and I. We are celebrating the second anniversary of O Deer Mercantile on May 15th. These two years have flown by, and taken our little corner of the internet in directions neither of us could have anticipated when we began. Originally, O Deer Mercantile  was meant to be primarily a hand-made shop, with vintage only a sideline since I always have been apt to acquire a lot more vintage loot than I actually have space for. Though Gaia still designs and sews her sweet plushies, dolls and brooches for the shop, I am doing almost exclusively vintage. Not only does keeping up with the business, social media and this blog take up most of the time I have left after meeting my other obligations, it also seems to satisfy a part of me I always recognized but only indulged to a small degree. 

I am a Picker, and was, long before that particular slang showed up in common vernacular. I have always combed thrift shops, second-hand stores, junk shops and tag sales for those lucky “finds” of antique or vintage items. As a teenager, I thrilled to a thrift shop 50 cent bag sale, and scrounged through old New England barns for treasures, some of which I still have decades later. When I lived on a homestead in Wisconsin near Door County, I would idly dream of someday having a little Antique Shop on the road along Green Bay. Years passed and I lived in rural North Carolina again coveting the tiny shops that satisfied my need for the old and pre-loved artifacts that populate my life and my home.

Now, when I indulge my love of second-hand shopping, I have a perfect Excuse! However, I have learned that spotting and acquiring these wares is only the first step of the process. Often, there is the need to clean, polish or wash these goods, and because of their age, care must be taken to use the correct approach to that “spiffing”. Sometimes, I have to decide whether polishing is the best choice, or if leaving the Patina of age is a more desirable option. I spend hours every week researching the items I intend to sell. I want to give my customers as honest a description and history of their purchase as possible, as well as value for their money. I always had a fairly broad knowledge of vintage and antique items, particularly glass bottles and Jars, but I have learned so much the past two years. I acknowledge freely that I am not an expert and probably never will be. My wares cover too broad a territory, and I don’t seem inclined to specialize, so constant research and adding to my knowledge is necessary. I enjoy that too, though, so it is seldom a chore. I love learning about these relics of the near and far past.

 Vintage TableTop

Of course, as these objects come closer to becoming offered on O Deer Mercantile, they are added to an inventory database, along with what I have learned about their history and origins. Then they are photographed and after the photographs are sorted and formatted, added to the shop finally. I have a large closet devoted exclusively to my Etsy Shop, and it is not until they have been through the previously described process that store inventory is put into boxes and bins and stored until sold. In the meantime, though some items, like Christmas decor, are in bins on the floor till I am ready to list them, most of it covers the tables and other surfaces in my workroom. 

It is (I Dream) my ultimate goal to catch up and have table top area to actually do other work on, but that is still a ways off. And I keep bringing more home. The siren call of my favorite Thrift Shops sounds whenever I am out and about.  As we reach the milestone of two years next week, we will also more than likely reach another milestone— that of having over two hundred lisitings on our shop. Yay!!


O Deer Mercantile Second Birthday!

So— you get the picture!

  • Busy.
  • Excited about Shop Anniversary.
  • Listing lots of New Items. 
  • I need almost no incentive to bake a cake!

And, we are having a Sale all month, 20% off of everything purchased over $10 with the code VINTAGENIRVANA and at the same time launching a new hashtag on Instagram to express our love of Yoga, Spirituality and Vintage Goods.   


Nope! Not the Grunge Band (though I like them too) but the state of bliss some of us achieve when we find that perfect vintage something for our home or to wear. This is for all of us whose hearts beat a little faster over a splendid piece of flow blue or a set of atomic age glasses…

To all those Girls (and Boys)!

Wishing you Vintage Nirvana till next time…

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