All Shook Up: Vintage Shakers & Vintage Fun

Still Smiling In the Midst of Packing

At least the happy couple in the picture above are… They are among the items I have managed to tuck into place on our Etsy Shop (Sorry:/Sold) virtual shelves. Even as the packing accelerates, the deadline grows nearer, and home activity focus becomes more on the big move just a couple of weeks ahead, the store comes first.

While it might seem counter to logic to still be out “shopping” (picking, thrifting, gleaning) in the midst of packing up all my belongings, the lure is still there. As anyone in the vintage trade knows, one of the first rules of acquisition of these treasures is Being in the Right Place at the Right Time. While some of my days searching yield little or nothing, other days I fill up the back of the car with bargains. Just this past couple of weeks I have scored several milk glass vases and a stack of vintage Fire-King oven ware, among other things. The Thrifting gods have smiled on me, and I am grateful.

Shopping with the New House in View

I realize now that I should have taken pictures of the awesome new mid century office storage piece I got at a sweet bargain price this week. It is now buried under a pile of boxes and shelving in the garage. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure I could fit it in my car, so I returned to the thrift shop several days later with tape measure. It fit with only inches to spare. It is a very heavy piece— a credenza style lateral metal hanging file cabinet with faux wood grain finish and heavy wood top. It was priced at $6.50, but it was 30% off Furniture Day at the shop, so… well, you do the math.

I was almost embarrassed that men from the shop carted it out and loaded it up for me. When I got it home, I enlisted my son to help unload it. He pointed out to me that I should perhaps wait till we move to bring home any more heavy pieces of furniture. He definitely doesn’t understand about Being in the Right Place at the Right Time! I also spotted some very cool vintage mirrors that would work in several spots in the new house, but vacillated and didn’t purchase them. I will go back later this week, and if they are still there, I will take that as a sign and buy them. Is it strange that I am seldom indecisive when purchasing for my shop, but almost always when it is a personal purchase???

In the Lime Light on O Deer Mercantile

I’m not doing a regular feature post this week. I am just too rushed and way too scattered to do all the links, etc. But here are some recent additions to our stock at O Deer MercantileWe hope you will stop by and take a look.


I will try and keep up with posting in the midst of my personal chaos, I mean packing, but no guarantees. Before long I will do a reveal on the new house though, and I hope you follow along as we move in, furnish and decorate it to make it our own. It is a very cool house— about the same vintage as the one we are moving out of— it was built in the early 1970s. It is a red brick Dutch Colonial with mansard roof and second floor dormer windows. I have always loved brick houses, and this one is full of Possibilities. Follow along to particpate in the fun!

I've about finished packing my Studio/Workroom Shelves
Moving Day is getting closer!

Until next time…