Wednesday Feature #10—Vintage Shakers

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O Deer Mercantile Weekly Feature

I hope everyone had wonderful and happy holidays!

It is time to get back to something resembling a schedule after a very busy and eventful December (Who am I fooling? The entire year of 2016 was hectically busy and eventful.). While I am not looking to settle into a boring rut by any means, I have hope that 2017 will at least be less Event-full.  As I said in my New Year’s Post, the only actual Resolution I am making this year is to be the best that I can be and to keep on aiming high. 

Wednesday Feature

With all that in mind, I am resuming my ?weekly? feature of an item or group of items presently available on the Etsy Shop. Since I haven’t in the past, and still may not manage it every week, I am now going to call it the Wednesday Feature. I more or less alternate between the Vintage Goods and Gaia’s Handmade Items, so this week we are going to highlight some of my vintage pretties…

Vintage Shakers… O My

Sometimes in the delightful search for vintage and antique treasures, it seem as though I get into grooves where I will find multiples of a particular kind or class of items. Last Fall, it was without a doubt, old Shakers that I seemed to discover at every turn. I say Shakers, and not salt and pepper, because at least one set of these beauties are the over large Muffineers popular in the first half of the last century principally for sugar or cinnamon.

I still don’t have all shakers listed in my shop, though I hope to do so soon. Here are my favorites still for sale on O Deer Mercantile!

  1. (Top Left- Sold) Muffineers~ These heavy pressed glass shakers were originally intended to contain sugar, but are just as appropriate for salt and pepper on the buffet table at a party or event.  The shakers are 6 inches tall with a diameter of 3 inches across the base. It is only an estimate, but I believe them to have been manufactured in the 1930s-40s. $44.00
  2. (Top Right)  Hobnail Glass~ Absolutely beautiful set of Fenton Art Glass salt and pepper shakers in Cranberry/ Plum Opalescent Hobnail glass. Made in the 1940s. 3 inches tall (3 1/4 including tops). These shakers are in very good condition. There is some degradation of the shiny coating on metal lids, particularly the one which contained salt. These would complement so many table settings, from cottage to boho and more. $75.00
  3. (Bottom Left) Pressed Clear Glass Pedestal Salt and Pepper Shakers~ Cute vintage salt and pepper shakers. Heavy pressed glass barrel body and pedestal style with silver tone tops. About 5 1/2 inches tall and 2 inches diameter at the base. $18.00
  4. (Bottom Right) NAPCO Vintage White Model T Cars Floral Salt and Pepper Shakers with Gold Trim and Flowers~ hese Kitschy Mid Century salt and pepper shakers were made by NAPCO. NAPCO, or National Potteries Corporation, is located in Bedford, OH and began production of Porcelain and Glass in 1938. I don’t have an exacty date on these but style places them in 1940s or 50s. $24.00

What an amazing variety of Shakers! I have to admit to having major crushes on all of them, but since my china cabinet is already stuffed with more sets than I could ever use, I’m giving them up 😥

Have a great First week of the New Year… See you soon!