Wednesday Feature #11— Mid Century Serving Caddy

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In the Limelight

Libbey Glass Golden Foliage Design 1960s

In love with an Era

Libbey Glass Golden Foilage 1960sI openly admit that I am wild about Mid Century decor. My home is trending that way—Farmhouse Chic is being slowly exchanged for furniture and accessories that reflect the glitzy, glamorous and more streamlined times from the 1950s to the early 1970s. Since I belong to that vintage myself, I suppose it really isn’t much of a surprise. This week’s Feature is a relic from that period.

I love Libbey Glass” Golden Foliage pattern glassware from the 1960s and have a growing collection on my bar cart and in the bar cabinet. I can’t keep it all though, so this beauty is for sale.

Mid Century Libbey Frosted Golden Foliage Pattern Condiment, Relish or Snack Bowls Serving Caddy  $22.00

Sweet condiment caddy with three small bowls in Libbey’s popular mid century Frosted Golden Foliage Pattern. This set compliments Libbey’s wide range of bar-ware from this same period.

The gold tone caddy or holder is about 9 inches at its widest point and 9 inches tall at the center. There is some wear on the gold finish, and minor discoloration particularly in the bowl or cup holders. The three bowls (cups) are just over 2 inches tall and diameter from 2 1/2 to 3 3/4 inches. While the banded design is in near perfect condition, the gold trim on the rims has mostly worn away. All in all, a very nice serving piece in good vintage condition.

Check out this piece and others at  our O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop.


O Deer Mercantile~ Wednesday Feature


Notes On 2017 (Thus Far )

I can’t believe that we are already over half-way through January 2017! I jumped into the New Year with both feet, and haven’t caught my breath. Not only am I floundering through the process (My failings entirely! I’m certain this could have been done in a more organized fashion, but my skill set is more focused on design than code, so I am doing my best. ) of moving to a new domain, I am painting and renovating the work/craft room finally. That’s only the visible tip of the iceberg, of course. Life, with all its distractions, chores and obligations goes on also.

Work Room Redoux 2017

So, while it has been my intention to post and to update my Etsy Shop, I am struggling to keep up.  In the photo (lighting in work room is not conducive to good photography, even if I were a better photographer) you can see the closet I am redoing for my Etsy shop supplies and stock, and those same supplies and stock currently occupying the window seat to the right. I am presently working on getting the new shelves stained and ready to hang in the closet.

Chaos… My Life!

See you again soon!

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