Wednesday Feature #15— Daher Tinware

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Daher Decorative Ware

Collecting and researching tinware is great fun. Tin items, from storage containers, tea tins, canisters, trays, boxes, bowls, platters to coffee pots, saucepans and lampshades, were a staple for many years. Whether these items were strictly utilitarian, decorative or for advertisement, they found their way into every aspect of life. Though plastic, aluminum and other materials have replaced many of these useful items, tinware remains popular for its usefulness, its value as a collectible, and its durability.

Much of the tinware currently on the market is made in China and other Asian centers of manufacture. However, before the 1980s, much of this useful material was made in Europe, notably in England and Holland. Daher Decorative Ware is one of the most recognizable lines, known for its beautiful, intricate and varied patterns, as well as its superb quality.

Unique Daher Mark

The Daher company was actually headquartered in Long Island, New York, but from the 1940s through the 1970s, their lithographed boxes, bowls, trays and platters were manufactured in both England and Holland. Daher supplied dozens of companies with kitchen tins, cosmetic containers,  candy and gift tins, etc. They were known for such specialties as metallic inks, vivid color, raised and embossed finishes, and detailed geometric or floral designs. 

In 1980 retail operations ceased, and Daher became a wholesale only company. The name was changed to The Tin Box Company (see this listing on O Deer Mercantile) and manufacturing was moved to Hong Kong.

Daher Decorative Ware is still rather readily available, and so remains an affordable collectible. Distinctive for its beauty and detail, this tinware makes a wonderful collection or as accent pieces.

I presently have three Daher items listed at our Etsy Shop, along with a nice selection of other tinware and metal containers. I will have another Daher bowl listed within the next week or two.

Daher Decorated Ware Ornamental Metal Tray: Victorian Motif with Flowers, Scrollwork and Architectural Vignette $12.00

A beautiful vintage Daher Decorated Ware metal bowl dish with a Floral Design made in England in the 1970s. This tray is about 10 inches in diameter and 3/4’s of an inch deep. It would make a lovely catch-all on a vanity or dresser. There is some slight discoloration on the front, and some scratches and spotting on the back. See details in photos above. Overall it is in good vintage condition.

Daher Decorative Ware Metal Bowl Floral Chintz: Made in England 1971, Tinware $13.00

Lovely floral chintz pattern Daher metal bowl from the 1970s. This decorative bowl is in fairly good vintage condition; there is one noticeable dent (mostly visible on bottom), some faint spotting on the interior, and some wear around bottom edges. The dimensions are 10 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 5/8″ tall.

Daher Decorative Ware Metal Bowl Asian Cloisonné Style: Made in England 1971, Tinware- $11.00

Lovely Asian cloisonné pattern Daher metal bowl from the 1970s. This decorative bowl is in good vintage condition. There is some scratching and stains on the bottom/back, but the front of the bowl is in great condition. It is 10 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 5/8″ tall.

Hope you enjoyed hearing a short history of this lovely tinware. Visit O Deer Mercantile to find these and plenty of other vintage goodness  😛  Have a great week…