Weekly Feature #25—Which Came First..

Glass Chickens on Nest

Vintage Glass Chickens

I have to admit that I have not had the most productive week. I don’t know about you, but Monday Holidays always throw me for a loop. It seems like it takes me the whole week to even slightly catch up. 

Our Memorial Day was, on the whole, great fun though! The little ones splashed in the pool all of the time they weren’t engaged in eating. We had traditional fare— grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and bratwurst with potato salad, macaroni salad and cowboy beans. My older daughters brought cupcakes, brownies and a beautiful cheesecake topped with strawberries and blueberries. All Yum! O Deer Granddaughter Kaylah couldn’t make it, so she was missed. However, working on most Holidays is one of the downsides of retail management. Another granddaughter had car problems. Luckily, she broke down not far from our house, so everyone helped push it back to our driveway until it could be towed to the shop the following day. Pretty much a typical family holiday.

Anyway, my Tuesday tried to be my Monday, but there was clean-up from the party and other distractions, so I was off to a slow start. Now it is Friday and I have an appointment shortly, but I hope to finish this post later today…

Best Laid Plans

Well— the appointment and related issues kept me our of the house for several hours, so… It’s Saturday and I still haven’t posted yet. I had an Etsy order to pack this morning also. Now that I’ve got that done. Where were we? 

Note: Stopped at my favorite Thrift on the way home and scored more milk glass and ⇒ another chicken on a nest!!!! I’ll try to include a picture.

Indiana Glass Classic Hen on Nest _cornflower blueI am featuring glass chickens this week, so I am all about the poultry puns (best Laid plans… heh heh… get it!). Okay, I may be a little lame in the joke department, but I am crazy about these chickens. I am also enamored with all things blue and white. I have quite a collection of flow blue and related patterns of blue and white dishes, and I have started collecting Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne canisters and serving pieces. 

When I happened upon the sweet  Indiana Glass classic hen on nest at a thrift shop recently, I couldn’t resist adding her to my collection. She has found a cozy home on top of the pie safe and is quite happy. She wont be listed on O Deer Mercantile any time in the foreseeable future.

The feathered characters that follow will though.

Westmoreland Milk Glass Chickens: Seven Inch Split Tail Rooster and Five Inch Hen on Basket-Weave Nest Covered Dishes

I am selling these separately or together. Prices are as follows: 

5 Inch Hen on Nest~ $23.00

7 Inch Rooster on Nest ~ 29.00

Both Milk Glass Chickens~ $48.00

(Click on any image for Slideshow)


I always find it interesting, and I know I have mentioned before, how items I find seem to fall into clusters. I have been on a Milk Glass streak for sure of late, but now it seems to be giving way to at least a small cluster (clutch 😛 ) of chickens— or items with chicken motifs. I also found an old tin with chickens on nest in the design this week. That, and the little guy I am including a photo of below will be up on the shop soon.

SFA Pottery Deviled Egg Plate 1964

This unusual deviled egg plate, made for just a half-dozen eggs, is an adorable piece of SFA Pottery signed (though I haven’t been able to make out the signature) and dated 1964. When you lift up the chicken, there is a little cup that could hold relish or something of the sort. It would be an adorable easter egg display dish with jelly beans in the center. Just sayin’…

I’m going to wrap up for this week’s feature. Sorry for the delays. I always try to do better, but life just keeps on happening! Till next time…

Weekly Feature 25- Vintage Glass Chcikens