Welcome Autumn…2017

Fall, Autumnal Equinox, Mabon or Harvest Festival

Welcome to Autumn

No matter which name you apply to this day, we are marking the end of a season or cycle and the beginning of another. I have mentioned in the past, that Autumn and I have a somewhat rocky emotional history. However, more than the beginning of a new season is being heralded by developments in life just lately, and I greet it with restrained optimism. I am going to repeat my seemingly endless lament though, and this is definitely a cycle that needs breaking—I am hopelessly behind. I did haul out my boxes of fall and All-Hallows decor yesterday and sprinkle a few decorations about the house. The fact is, even though many begin that decorating in early September, I am of a mind to cling to the fleeting summer season for as long as possible, and since this Is Florida, I think it is only fitting. So, no autumn decor until Autumn. 

Welcome Fall

Actually, I haven’t had the time to even consider decorating until this week. What with the short week after the Labor Day holiday, during which we were made aware that a Monster Hurricane was probably approaching us, the days spent preparing as best we could, and the No Power aftermath of Irma—well, time got away from me. Blessedly (although I hesitate to use this word in connection with that devastating hurricane), this storm did not leave us nearly as badly off as Hurricane Matthew did not even a full year ago. We were without electricity for four days, and there was considerable clean-up to do, but no new structural damage to our home. I am too painfully aware that many others were not nearly so lucky.

After Irma
Roadside pile of debris (already picked up) left from Hurricane Irma
Welcome Autumn
Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew last October. The entire street and many others were lined with similar.

Almost two weeks of anxiety, stress, sweat and labor went along with Irma, and as usual, in my constant playing catch-up life, I am left a little behind and flustered. At present, having had the forethought to order packaging and other necessaries for O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop before things get even busier and faced with about a ton (literary exaggeration 😯 ) of merchandise still to process and list—as well as hauling out aforementioned boxes of autumnal home decorations—my workroom looks like the hurricane went through it. I am working on a shop feature, but it is apparently not going to be ready for this Week. I am photographing products as well, and involved in several projects which I will talk more about later.


One of my projects is to finally get around to painting my fireplace. I usually do a decorative fall vignette on the mantle, but since all of this will have to come down in the next few days, I haven’t.  These photos, taken hurriedly with my mobile phone yesterday, are the best I could do for now, but I will try to be better about documenting this upcycle and others to come in our 40 plus year old home.  I have been busily making plans for the house when I have the time, now I have to begin implementing them. Wish me luck!

Welcome Fall- Front Entry Hall

Though the yard was not as hard hit as last year, possibly due to us having had a number of dying and damaged trees removed, there is still a great deal to be done outside. We have put a lot of hard work into improving the property from the somewhat sorry state it was in when we bought the house, but even without the further storm damage, there is still a lot left to do. My flower border around the pool house was already bedraggled by the late summer heat—now it is pretty much just dirt and a few straggly plants. I need to fit in exterior as well as interior work. It is one of the bright notes of the season change though, that we can look forward to less humidity and more tolerable temperatures—always a plus for outdoor work.

In the weeks to come, I will try to settle into some sort of routine again. I realized this week that the first two and a half weeks of this month have left me in a fog of confusion and disorganization. I feel the need for routine and schedule, but haven’t yet been able to make much progress. So, in spite of projects and too many things coming from too many directions, my short term goal for the rest of this month is to settle into a rhythm I can live with. I need to find my inner calm, and to recognize and celebrate the beginning of autumn. I will strive today for the balance this day represents, and prepare as best I can for the shortening days to come.

I wish peace and balance, and a warm welcome to Autumn to you also. Till next time…

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