Welcoming Gracie!

Extending Family Ties

Lyss Shower- Welcome Party

Even as everyone seems to be welcoming Fall in such a rush, the late summer has brought busy times for those of us at O Deer Mercantile. The first Saturday in September was the Wedding Celebration for my sweet nephew Steven and his lovely bride, Megan. It was (after a flurry of rearranging due to rainy weather that decided to cooperate at the last-minute to let the outdoor riverside ceremony take place as planned) a blast. The ceremony was lovely, the bride’s dress one of the prettiest I’ve seen (and the bridesmaid dresses were lovely as well!!), and the reception was a primo party event.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

Momma-to-Be and Queen For the Day!

I was more involved in the Shower thrown in honor of the impending birth of a new baby in the family. My oldest daughter and soon to be Grandmother (Grammy) hosted this shindig at her oh so charming mid-century split level home just a few blocks from the beach. This will be her first grandchild, and my (choke) first great-grandchild. Though I was not really anticipating this happening for a while yet, you have to go with what comes. 😯

Since my daughter is a registered nurse, working night shift, we were glad to pitch in and help as much as we could. I am proud to say that I designed and printed the invitations, as well as matching diaper raffle tickets, thank-you cards and favor labels. It is something I love to do, so it was really more playing than work.

Gaia and I also made goodies to bring to the party. Now, we are not even close to professionals, but we used this celebration as an opportunity to practice our cookie decorating. By chance (or is it just Kismet most of the time???) a bag of cookie cutters I picked up at a thrift shop just a couple of weeks ago, included a baby-buggy cutter. We had to see what we could do with them.  We used the NO FAIL CUT OUT COOKIE RECIPE from Home Stories A to Z web site. I had Pinned and printed the recipe a while back and was waiting for a chance to try it. As advertised, these cookies were not only quite tasty, but they did not puff up or get nearly as misshapen as lots of cut-out cookie recipes tend to. We will certainly use this recipe again. For the icing, I used the royal icing recipe I found on Karen’s Cookie Blog.  She has a great article comparing different icings and has recipes for them all.  All in all, we were pleased with the icing, but we need to polish our skills still. We may try the Meringue Powder Buttercream next time.

On Saturday, the day of the Baby Shower, a front moving in brought the threat, and then torrents, of rain. Undaunted, Gaia and I arrived early to help. Heather’s best friend Trish, Kaylah (O Deer Woman and my Granddaughter), and my niece Jen also pitched in. The house was transformed in short order into a wonderland of balloons, pink and lavender crepe, cute banners, hanging fan decorations of all sorts, and a buffet of lovely snacks, food and drink was laid out. There were, besides the cookies, mini-cupcakes, a cake, meatballs, taco dip and chips, spinach-feta muffins with cream cheese icing ( I also made. So Yummy!!! From Dr.Ola’s Kitchen) and more. Aside from an ice bucket of sodas and bottled water, there was mimosas, fruity sangria and a purple cocktail using Viniq Shimmery Liqueur which was so very interesting. Games included Baby Bingo and the always amusing “guess how big the bump is” contest, as well as the diaper raffle. Lyss had a great time opening her gifts. Gracie will be very fashionably attired. Her Mom surprised Lyss with a beautiful stroller and car-seat. Such a lovely day. Wish I had taken more pictures, but I have included some highlights.

Welcome Gracie

Have a great day, and a wonderful week. Till next time…