Welcoming the Vernal Equinox—It’s Spring

Have a Happy Spring Equinox

Hopping Down the Bunny Trail…

In Florida, it has felt more like summer than late winter for the past week or two. Now that the calendar is officially declaring the arrival of spring, we have woke to drizzly rain and falling temperatures. For a day or two, it will be back to a blustery chill that will make us pull back out sweaters and jackets already shoved to the back of the closet. But, all things being Equal (today is one of two days a year when Day and Night are of equal length) we will still celebrate the arrival of spring in our own small ways and start getting prepared for our annual Easter Fête next week. Hopefully, the weather will be more conducive to an  alfresco dinner, lawn games and the eagerly anticipated Egg Hunt by then.  I really prefer it when Easter Sunday falls later in April— when the weather is more settled and we are past the worst of the pollen assault which has made the outdoors such a hostile environment to those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Since Easter is early this year, I will have to hustle this week as I have numerous tasks both indoors and out to complete in the meantime. Yard clean-up and housecleaning are both called for.  We will have to pull out the Bocce Ball and Lawn Croquet equipment and get them ready, clean the pollen from the picnic table and the outdoor chairs, as well as tidying up the Garden House and deck. Food is not too difficult. I will do a buffet, most of which can be prepared the day before, and unlike some holidays, we will use at least some disposable dinnerware. Except for dying the Real Eggs next weekend, most of the Easter decorating has been done for a while already. Here’s a quick tour…

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 I have little bits of Easter tucked here and there all around the house. Most of it we have found on our thrift shop excursions or made. I have a small collection of gemstone eggs I have had for years. Most of them got arranged in the green transferware bowl with the thrifted faux chocolate Easter bunny. I tucked the pink rhodochrosite egg into the cup of the double porcelain bunnies and wrapped some rhinestone chain around it. We used the eggs we made for our blog feature last year— Ordinary Plastic Eggs to Exceptional Easter Decor. Gaia’s painted ones are nestled into an egg plate from the thrift shop next to the fireplace. I made the banner hanging from the mantle using lots of pastel lace and ribbon, and the adorable Vintage Easter Tags I bought last year from The Package House on Etsy. I use a galvanized chick feeder (bought new) as a candy dish, changing what it dispenses according to the holiday. At Valentines it was filled with candy message hearts. Now it has either Reeses Peanutbutter Eggs or JellyBird Eggs in it—it empties oh so quickly.  In short, my Easter decorating is so fun, and cost very little. I incorporated all sorts of items I already had in fun new ways.

On the mantle
Spring Mantle Display



Gaia's sitting bunny with hand embellishment.I hope you will stop by the O Deer Mercantile Etsy Shop and check out all the adorable creatures Gaia has made for spring, and also some of the vintage goodies we have added.

This winter flew by, and I know that spring will too. I hope we can all find the time to savor it, to enjoy this, to me, loveliest of seasons with friends and loved ones. I wish you all a Happy Spring Equinox and a fun and a Blessed Easter next weekend.

See you soon,