What’s VSINT

Vintage Sisters International

Vintage Sisters International

I am not by nature much of a joiner, but we all know how important Social Engagement is to the small online business, and I was intrigued somewhat by some of the groups I saw on Instagram. So when I was approached a while back by someone starting up a new group I thought ‘Lets give it a try!’. Sadly, that first group did not survive. I am not privy to the whys or hows, but when it took a Dramatic Social Media turn and started dissolving, I was quite content to just go my own way again. However, it is fortunate that others are more highly organized and motivated in these areas than I, and Out of the Ashes…

A new group coalesced! The basic idea is this:

  • A collective of Women entrepreneurs specializing in vintage or handmade wares supporting one another through sharing and engagement. 
  • The only prerequisites are being women-owned businesses, and the aforementioned vintage/handmade thing.
  • These women may be sellers on Ebay, Etsy, Instagram or other platforms.
  • We are driven by the core value that we need to be kind to one another, and to assist in one another’s success
  • To have group events and sales which feature ours and our groups shops, businesses and wares

I am now a proud member of an Instagram group called Vintage Sisters International, or VSINT. On Instagram, there is an account for vintagesistersinternational or check out the Tags #vintagesistersinternational and #vsint to see what we are up to.

O Deer A Sale

This weekend, June 8th through 10th Vintage Sisters International is sponsoring its first group-wide sale. Many of the businesses will be offering specials and discounts. O Deer Mercantile is having a 20% off Sale on everything but clearance items. To see more on Instagram check out the tag…


Have a great weekend! We hope you’ll stop by our shop, and those of our Instagram Sisters, and check out the bargains!