We Wish You…. A Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays

We at O-Deer are wishing all of you the best and happiest this Holiday Season.

We Wish You the Very Merriest Christmas!

Home Christmas Decor 2016- O Deer Mercantile

As the holiday (on a weekend this year!!!)quickly approaches, I am winding up in the cooking, baking, wrapping, socializing areas, and getting ready to wind down the web sites, the Etsy Shop, and most of my Social Media. It is time to take the time to enjoy the activities, my family and everything else that makes Christmas so special to me.

I have enjoyed decorating the new house for the Holidays. It posed some challenges, required rethinking my decorating routine from the past several years, and (Eek!) forced me to get some new decor to accommodate the space. I didn’t expect to have the new fireplace mantle up in time, so I had already hung my giant stockings on the wall, and there they have stayed for this year. We are still very much in the midst of redecorating, updating, and just figuring out this house.

Charcuterie & Cheeseboards

My family began something else new this year. Whether it becomes a tradition or not is yet to be seen, but it was a fun way to show off our homes and our decorating. Since several of us are either in new homes or had not previously visited one another’s homes, we did a round of Open Houses this year, each one hosted by different family members, featuring their choice of snacks and appetizers and a different cocktail or holiday beverage. What fun! As well as keeping us very busy. As of this writing, we still have two more get togethers to go, as well as our usual Christmas Dinner at my StepMom’s.

So far we have had Sparkling Pomegranate Punch, Salted Caramel Martinis, and Jingle Juice. Our home was the first of the Open Houses. I had already chosen Half Baked Harvest’s  Pomegranate Punch, and since I’ve been fascinated with the whole idea of the vintage Cocktail Party, Cheese Boards and (word Crush!) Charcuterie for some time, I got out my favorite cutting boards and did a presentation that covered the entire dining room table.

We added trays of crackers, breadsticks, rustic bread— bowls of olives, pickles, condiments and other small noshes— and a whole other table (not shown) for sweets, drinks and vegetable platters. Gaia made cute chalkboard markers for the variety of cheeses. It was a lovely presentation, and a wonderful evening. (However, one of my younger granddaughters wanted to know where the real food was  😀 )

I hope you enjoy the photos of our Holiday Decor. For now, I will say goodbye. We Wish You…

Peace and Joy…

Love and Friendship…

Hope and Promise…

an Abundant and Happy New Year…

A Very Merry Christmas!